A difficult story

The Death of John the Baptist story from Mark 6:14-29 is a difficult one to hear and understand its’ place in the gospel.  Scholars believe the story may be meant as a precursor for the crucifixion of Jesus or a parallel to the martyrs of his disciples; but Mark’s uncommon attention to detail and the story’s inclusion at this point in the gospel remains puzzling.  It is a tragic story of moral reflection tucked in the midst of Jesus’ kindness and miracles of feeding and healings.

Are we being asked to remember that tragic events are a part of our stories too and that when in the midst of our sad stories we might be reminded that God’s greater story  of healing and love surround us?

As we ponder this story, can we hear the surrounding stories of promise?  When you or a friend is struggling with a tragic story, can you hear God’s more promising stories also being told?

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