New Orleans Youth Departure

This was the scene at First Lutheran yesterday afternoon, as a group from our congregation, Red Oak Grove, and the Mankato area churches carpooled (bus-pooled?  caravaned?) toward New Orleans, LA for the ELCA Youth Gathering.  The excitement was palpable!

We pray for safe travels and a meaningful experience for them and their 36,000 new friends.  If you’d like more updates all week on the gathering, become a fan of our FB page and follow the links that will be shared.

Thanks to cameraman JH for capturing the moment.

Did YOU attend a youth convention in years past?  If so, leave a comment with the city, state and year, please!

One thought on “New Orleans Youth Departure

  1. Ahhh…brings back memories of 1991’s gathering in Dallas, TX. The theme was “Called to Freedom” because we met over the 4th of July and the theme verse was that truly beautiful promise from Galatians, “For freedom Christ has set us free; do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Attending the gathering as a 15 yr old had a huge impact on my life, my faith, my friendships.

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