I don’t know about you, but barbeque is one of my favorite dinners. Whatever it is–pork, chicken, or beef–I can’t wait to dig in.

An image from Mike’s Smokehouse, Eau Claire, WI. Where my love of BBQ began!

When the Israelites were longing for the fleshpots of Egypt, they were thinking of a food similar to our modern barbeque.  It’s tasty, it’s filling, and it’s a social event.  Who wouldn’t think about that deliciousness, especially when there is little to eat?  But for the Israelites, the fleshpots did not come without a price, and the price was their enslavement.

The story we read this Sunday from Exodus showed just how desperate the people were at this point in their journey.  They would rather go back to certainty (and regular meals) than move through the wilderness time.  For with their freedom, they learned, came problems, decisions, and struggles.

What God decides to do as a result of their longing and complaining is one of the true wonders of the Bible.  Read the story, and then join us in worship to hear more.  (We’re not serving barbeque on Sunday, but we pray you depart nourished in another sense!)

Sustaining God, may our blessings be many and our needs be few.  Amen.