More Than Metaphor

Use of metaphor in Biblical writing is extensive, however in certain cases I will argue for an understanding that goes beyond what literary use of metaphor can offer, especially when Jesus’ offers promises and makes claims about consuming his body and blood. It becomes a spiritual understanding that moves far beyond the window dressing or quaint comparison of metaphor use. When Jesus says, “I am the living bread that came down from heaven,” he has moved beyond the metaphor of “living bread” he used as he multiplied the loaves by the Sea of Galilee. It is here in John 6:51-58 that this bread is no longer a bread that Jesus gives, for it has become a bread of heaven that Jesus is. I don’t think we have a proper literary use of words to explain this spiritual sense of God with and in us. Can we accept this for what it simply is? Jesus IS living bread and Jesus IN & WITH us?
When you enjoy your meals this week, will you ponder this living bread for what it is?

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