Gospel Shoes?

 As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace. 

-Ephesians 6:15 [full reading here]

High-tops.  Patent leather pumps.  Hiking boots.  Clogs.  Flip-flops.  Steel-toed work shoes.  Ballet slippers.

Thinking about your favorite shoes for a moment, they likely reveal your personality, your daily work, or your station in life.  The student wears sneakers.  The attorney, heels.  The rancher, cowboy boots.  The construction worker, steel-toes.  How might your personality, your individuality, your way of life, be an asset as you proclaim the Gospel of peace?

When you put on your shoes tomorrow, say quietly to yourself, “I am ready to proclaim the gospel of peace.”  And then, empowered by God’s spirit, go and do it!  Amen.

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