New Feature: PhotoStory!

I mean really, who doesn’t like looking at an old photo?

For those who were there, old photographs conjure up memories of a treasured-but-forgotten time.


For those who were not born yet, old photographs give the young a glimpse into the lives that came before them.

From now through Pack the Pews Sunday (November 4, 2012), we will feature a First Lutheran PhotoStory each week.  Take a look and wonder…what was life and faith and church like in a time gone by…?

In this excerpt from a church directory, you’ll hear the story of how Red Oak Grove and First Lutheran congregations separated in 1952, as well as a description of the parsonage (place where the pastor’s family lived).

By the way, you may click on the jpeg to enlarge it for reading.

Near the bottom, you’ll view a photo of some past Women’s Missionary Federation presidents, the precursor to our current Women of the ELCA.  Though the title has changed–and so have clothing styles!–two things have remained the same:  the fantastic leadership of faithful women; AND  the laser-beam focus of women’s outreach as practical mission to the neighbor.

If this conjures any memories for you, please share them with a comment.

Our ministry continues,


Possess a photo with a connection to First Lutheran that you’d like to contribute?  

Please contact me (pastorhh) with your photo and a brief story.

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