Walking With Jesus Week One

When you imagine someone taking a walk with Jesus, you probably think of his first disciples, heading up and down the hills with Jesus—walking, talking, and mostly listening.  Or perhaps you think of those two believers on the road to Emmaus, amazed first to walk with someone who hadn’t heard what had happened in Jerusalem, then amazed even more during the breaking of the bread.

Certainly those early followers did walk with Jesus.  Just as certainly each follower of Jesus today is on a daily walk with Jesus.  Each day of your life is a walk with Jesus.  Some days you may feel that he is walking right beside you.  Other days you may feel like he is walking at quite a distance.  Regardless of how you feel, Jesus is walking with you, and you are walking with Jesus.

An important part of this daily walk with Jesus is how you use the money God has entrusted to you.  This is such an important part of the walk that Jesus talked with his first disciples more about money and possessions than about any other topic, except for the kingdom of God itself.  Since money was so important on Jesus’ walk, it needs to be an important part of our walk with Jesus.

Over the next few weeks we members of First Lutheran Church are going to think about our walk with Jesus, and especially about how our handling of money is an important part of that walk.

-pastorcl & pastorhh