Walking With Jesus Week Two

As Jesus’ first disciples walked with their Lord they often found themselves listening closely as Jesus taught them and others.  Walking with Jesus still means listening to Jesus teach.  It is because of this that Bible study and prayer are such important parts of the walk.

Jesus often taught his followers about the important relationship between faith and money.  We can think of his conversation with the rich ruler and his comments to his disciples as they watched the widow place two copper coins in the temple treasury. 

One important teaching of Jesus is the sentence, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  This is so important that it is recorded in both Matthew and Luke.  These words point out that what we do with our treasure impacts our loyalties.  When we give generously to something, when we place our treasure there, our heart follows. 

God’s people for centuries have discovered that generous giving to Christ’s church leads one’s heart to Jesus.  It is almost like a mathematical formula “Growth in giving = growth in faith.” 

On your walk with Jesus, consider your own giving.  How does your giving lead your heart to Jesus?  Is your giving at a level that it does lead your heart to Jesus?  Is your giving at a level that it leads your heart in other directions, and blocks your heart from coming to Jesus?

These are serious questions for each of us to consider as we walk with Jesus.

-pastorcl & pastorhh