Adult Forum Recap

For those of you not able to be with us Sunday morning, I’ve embedded the videos we shared.  Take a few minutes to hear these stories (keep a kleenex nearby!) and thank God for the opportunity to make lives better each and every day.

As we conclude what for many has been a celebration month of gratitude:   Thanks be to God for the far-reaching ministry of ELCA World Hunger, which is made possible through your gifts.

Good News for the Easily Distractible

The letter to the Hebrews might be one of the most overlooked in the New Testament.  Case in point:  we have had readings from the Book of Hebrews for weeks now in worship, a whole series of them, but your pastors have never really preached on it.

The language may be big and complicated in this letter, but the idea in Hebrews is simple. For this final reading we have for Sunday, November 18, we are given an image of a cosmically-powerful Christ, patiently waiting for his enemies to be made his footstool. [Think La-Z-Boy recliner!]  In Christ, all those things we need most…they’re already ours, so close to us every minute that we may miss them entirely.

Speaking of missing things, what wonderful gifts, things, people, or events might you re-examine and re-appreciate this week leading up to Thanksgiving?

I’ve heard it said that one cannot praise what one does not notice.  My prayer this week is that the Christian community can be Christlike in a particular way.  To be known by what–and whom–it pays attention to.  Amen.



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