Preparing for Christmas

ImageAre you ready for Christmas?  Do you have your shopping, baking, or cards complete?  How many times have you heard these questions, or asked them yourself?  This time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is perhaps our society’s most shared season of preparation.   We are preparing to give gifts, food, time, love, and joy.  So how do our preparations match the preparations called for by the prophet Malachi (3:1-4) and John the Baptist (Luke 3:4a-6) ?  The Lord’s coming described by these two indicates a coming of power and might.  It will be strength and majesty that comes to refine us, to fill our deep valleys, to straighten our crooked paths, and smooth the roughest edges of our lives.  How can our preparations help us and others be ready for this?  Will our acts of generosity prepare us to sit with a friend who needs these serious forms of preparation?  Do we know how to share the patience and courage to know God is coming to us?    How can your Christmas preparations  help others prepare for what they need most this Christmas?