Good Morning From Pittsburgh

Good morning from Pittsburgh, PA.  It is Day 5 of the ELCA 2013 Church Wide Assembly and we are soon to begin a new day.

cwafridayBut before we begin today, I wish to share a few thoughts from yesterday.  We spent much of the afternoon listening to speeches by the leaders of our Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialog partners and although one might think this would make for a long afternoon, it was incredibly inspiring.  As I listened, I became more and more aware of how we as the ELCA are a voice of the love in Christ to many peoples in other religious communities around the globe when they most need a partner to walk with.  Under the leadership of our Bishops, we have been an evangelical voice of the gospel to a hurting and tense world.  I believe this is an important reminder to all of us, who live, worship and work in our local communities that are safe from the dangers that so many other sisters and brothers in Christ live with each day.  -pastorcl

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