Two addresses?

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In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul writes from a Roman prison but in chapter 3 he speaks of himself as a prisoner of Christ.  Paul considers himself a dual prisoner; actually living as a prisoner of Rome but faithfully living a life of love as a prisoner of Christ.   William Barclay, a Biblical commentator, refers to Paul as having a “double address,” one in a Roman prison and one in Christ.

We may also live with double addresses.  Living in the throes of our lives, enduring and enjoying the society around us, but at the same time we have our address in Christ. At this address we may become the love and grace as given by Christ while living at a worldly address that fails to know the love and grace of Christ.  Two simultaneous address for all of us to live in or at.  I invite you to think about how living at that gracious address in Christ may influence the earthly address we occupy.

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