January 2022: In-Person Confirmation is paused. We pray for the health of our students, and look forward to seeing you back soon!

Orientation-parent and student-will take place Wednesday, September 15 at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary.

Brief Registration Form is here.

2021-22 Information Booklet & Schedule is on its way.

To sign up for FlockNote, our main communication channel, click on the sheep graphic on the mainpage.  Learn about FlockNote here.

Class itself begins September 22, 2021.  In your packet, you will be given a health insurance/permission for transportation/emergency contact form to return to church.  This form is updated each year and kept on file.

Students in grade 7 will have Orientation on Nov 3, 2021 (our program begins with grade 7 after grade 10 is confirmed, so there are three sections running continuously in the year).  An invitation will be shared with Grade 7 families when November approaches.

Below you fill find a couple of PDFs that you may download, print, and fill in.

To keep up with worship notes (we are still on the radio each Sunday at 9am, and Facebook Live), you may do so.  The weekly bulletin is published on the mainpage, but if you miss all that-at least get the date of the service filled in, ok?  worshipnote

Or, you can visit the playlist of worship videos on YouTube anytime.

And faith experiences!  Since we’ve last been together, you’ve had a few of those, too!  Maybe it was helping deliver groceries to a neighbor.  Or assisting your parent with care for a sibling.  Or watching a Christian movie or concert.  Or just plain adjusting to your new routine at home!  Reflect on that.  Go as deep as you can.  God is with you.  faithexp

If you have a pastoral need-or just want to talk-reach out.  We are here.  We are praying for each one of you, and your families.  We can’t wait til class is in session!  

Pastor Mike

Pastor Heidi