I’m New Here

First of all, that’s wonderful.

You are welcomed, and you belong to God.

We believe God redeems the world though Jesus Christ, and calls all of his beloved ones into service to our neighbor. No matter your story, your concerns, your successes or your fears, God forgives…and God calls each one…to serve and grow together.  See our mission statement, at left.

How might First Lutheran be a spiritual home for you? Each Sunday God sends a mix of faces and stories to this place: those new to the community, those returning to worship after a time away, those from other traditions, families, singles, members who are younger, older, and everyone in-between.

Baptism and Holy Communion are offered to all who believe in and desire the sacraments.  You may contact the church office to request pastoral care, Baptism and Holy Communion instruction, new member or transfer information, or other assistance.

We worship all together, at 9 am, each Sunday.

Sunday School RALLY DAY for 3 yo Preschool-Grade 6 is September 8, 2019.  We have a two-semester structure; fall and spring.  Spring Semester of Sunday School begins January 12, 2020 (newsletter calendar will have all specifics).  Make an appointment to visit with our Director of Children’s Ministry (office at south end of the building) to ensure a smooth transition and warm welcome.

Click here to launch the PDF & bring your completed form with you:  SS Reg Form 2019-20 (one for each child). Paper copies of this form are available in the office.  Visitors are welcome to attend any classes we offer, and new participants are welcomed year-round. Direct your inquiries regarding children’s education to firstluthofficeATyahooDOTcom, or phone 507.583.6621 (office open weekdays).

In addition, our worship is simulcast in real-time on the radio and by internet streaming through the KOWZ website. (Once there, click the ‘listen live” button).

However you get here, please join us–our Sunday Worship, and our Education Hour, just isn’t the same without you! (And neither is our Monday-Saturday)


We worship, serve, study, sing and pray in the wonderful community of Blooming Prairie, MN at 434 First St SW.  Click on the state of MN on the main page for a map to get here.


3 Responses

  1. Hi, my name is Kiley, my fiance and I really enjoyed the service last Sunday. We are currently looking for a church to get married in, and I was: wondering what your requirements are for getting married? Thanks for your time and please let us know. Kiley Swanson and Josh Roberts

  2. Hello –

    My husband and I are waiting to adopt in MN and have been waiting for a little over a year. We are working with Adoption MN as our agency and are home study approved to adopt an infant domestically. If you know someone in your community who is pregnant, and considering adoption, we would be so grateful if you’d share our letter below.


    Thank you very much!

    Meghan Claussen

  3. Thank you for being in touch, Meghan and family. I can’t say I have leads for you at this time, but I will keep this handy, and we will be praying for you. -Pastor Heidi

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