2014 Youth Canoe Trip

2011 Faith Adventure Youth trip6, Namekagon River WI

AUG 3-6, 2014

It’s a First Lutheran tradition, back for another year!  All students entering 8th – 12th grades are invited to participate in this summer’s trip to Heartwood (Trego, WI).

This 4 day/3 night trip begins on Sunday, August 3rd at 1:30 pm and ends when we return on Wednesday, August 6th.

Registration is open until May 18th.  One friend per student may register, beginning May 1–if space is available.

Students are required to have a Youth Registration Form 2014 on file, as well as a Heartwood Event Permission Slip which can be found on the bulletin board outside the Youth Room.

Sharing Holy Week with Children

MH900422738Some great ideas for families (or any household) to talk through the many layers of the Holy Week story together.

[click link to open PDFs, you can print from there]

Holy Week TFH_041314_Passion Sunday

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday TFH_041714

April 2014 Calendar

It’s no joke!  The April 2014 church calendar has arrived.  Click the tab above to view–you can even print or save a PDF if you’d like.

Now Hiring

Folders on shelf

First Lutheran is seeking a Part Time Administrative Secretary (12 hours/week, moving to 32 hours/week over several months). Application Form with Position Description can be viewed in the tab above, titled, “Now Hiring.”

Applications must be returned to Pastor Leonard by April 7, 2014.

March Challenge

Today the churches in our area introduced a challenge.  Will you participate?  [click image to enlarge/print]foodshelf2014

Sermon Seed March 9, 2014

The Fall is likely the heading our home Bible gives for Genesis 2 & 3, this story from our First Reading (March 9, 2014) about Adam and Eve’s temptation and removal from the Garden of Eden.  Sometimes The Fall is also titled Original Sin, as Christians say this story represents in a nutshell our entire human condition.  That this story explains the way things just… ARE.   That we are fundamentally disobedient.  It’s even in our baptism liturgy, “We are born children of a fallen humanity.”


It’s a doctrine we Christians ascribe to, but more than that, it’s a truth we live.  We see evidence every day that we are weak, and worried; that we are way too able to mess things up when we are left on our own.

Temptation is not just a one-time thing, but a life-long curse.  You can be tempted when you’re already in paradise, like Adam & Eve.  And you can be tempted in the wilderness, surrounded by nothing, like Jesus was.  (There are other Bible stories, too, where the devil tries to mock and question and bring despair.)

All of them point to the same truth.  You can be tempted when you’re happy. You can be tempted when you’re miserable.  You can be tempted when you’re with others, and you can be tempted while alone.  You can be tempted anywhere, any time, with or without anyone.

And…there’s only one reason why you are tempted.

Because you are human. 

(You are vulnerable.)

Original sin provides us two truths, both of which are hard to accept. 

1. When we succeed, it’s not necessarily because we are God’s special snowflake.

2. And when we fall, God can lift again.  Every time

The biggest temptation we face, then, is NOT when we misjudge our own ability, making it too big (OR to small), but when we cast aside God’s ability.  

Walking on the Edge.  Photo from National Geographic, 2014.

Walking on the Edge. Kayapo People of Brazil. Photo from National Geographic, 2014.

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