Education Programming Resumes Feb 16 & 20

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please return only when you are symptom-free (any illness) and not under quarantine. Families/individuals who are ill and/or under restrictions are automatically excused. Be in touch if you have any questions, or wish to report an extended absence.

With prayers and love for each of you, Pastors Heidi Heimgartner & Mike Walerius & Melissa Stoen, Director of Children’s Ministry

One thought on “Education Programming Resumes Feb 16 & 20

  1. Pastors Mike and Heidi – On behalf of the Elinger family we would like to thank both of you for the wonderful service for Ardis Elinger Krejci. I know you recorded the funeral on facebook, however, we are not believers in facebook so we are wondering if there is another way we could view Ardis’s funeral or maybe it could be placed on a DVD so we could download it for our TV. Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated. I know Ardis enjoyed First Lutheran over all these many years. Thank you. Loren and Nancy Elinger

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